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Marlene Ketchen

Marlene MacDonald Ketchen

I have owned The Cabinetry since 2003, when I purchased the business from my uncle, Ed MacDonald. Prior to working in this industry, I lived in Washington, DC for 13 years where I studied at Catholic University, and upon graduation entered the world of politics as a political appointee. Following September 11, 2001 I decided to move home to the South Shore (I grew up in Scituate) and pursue my love of interior design. I joined my uncle’s firm, which at the time was located in Hanover and called Kitchen-N-Counters. After a year my uncle retired and I took over ownership. To make it my own, I decided the company needed a new name and fresh identity so I re-branded it as The Cabinetry. Now my work is no longer a chore – I love what I do! It’s so satisfying to see how excited my clients are when we do the final walk through of their new kitchen or bath.

Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell

I have been designing kitchens since 2002, and am very excited to have recently joined Marlene’s team at The Cabinetry. After learning the art of the trade, I started my own company ELC Kitchen Designs in 2005. While I loved having my own firm, I had to let the business take a back seat when I started a family. I spent 2009-2013 designing for a wholesale company with a very high volume, often selling a dozen kitchens a month. It feels great to be back on a dynamic and experienced team whose mission is to exceed the client’s expectations through exceptional design and service.


Erika Stern

Erika Stern

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve been in the architectural design industry for 25 years, since I graduated RISD with a degree in Architecture.  What I’m definitely not embarrassed about is that 10 of those years were happily spent at The Cabinetry (even back as its former identity as Kitchen-n-Counters!) and that after a 5 year break I’m thrilled to be working with Marlene and her talented team again!

My career has been equally divided between architectural firms and kitchen showrooms, and as a result my work has always brought together the fine detailing that goes into a strong kitchen design with the broader view of the whole house architecture.  I’m also a weird combination of an artist and sort of a math geek, so Kitchen Design has proved to be the perfect place for me to be!

When I’m not at work, I’m involved in yet another renovation project in our 230-year old farmhouse, working on mixed-media illustrations in my studio, or trying to figure out how the heck to parent a teenaged son!


Tara L. Callow

Tara L. Callow
Design Assistant & Project Manager

I received my Masters in Interior Architecture from Boston Architectural College after studying Art with a concentration in Fashion & Textiles at California State University, Los Angeles. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree I worked at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles as a Curatorial Assistant. I have always enjoyed Interior Design and decided to re-focus my career a few years later to pursue this passion.

I love the way successful architecture and interior design establishes a sense of place by connecting inhabitants to their surroundings allowing them to live and breathe in that space. My hope is to create interior spaces that are a natural extension of the individual and provide them with a comfortable backdrop to live their lives. Professionally I look to create beautiful environments where form and function blend seamlessly so people feel at home.


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